Mango Collins - Photographer

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Mango Collins is a photographer based in Hastings, UK, mostly favouring spontaneous and/or ambiguous views in his world. He seeks out particular subjects and/or environments and plans towards specific images but many photographs are neither planned nor staged.

Mango started taking photographs at 14, developing and printing all his own images, several of which have stood the test of time and feature in his galleries and portfolio. He worked as an industrial photographer and then, while at university, as a news and event photographer before an international career in molecular biology, bioinformatics and corporate management.

After accidentally retiring at 52, Mango is thoroughly delighted to be able to spend more time - more than he ever has been able to before - pursuing his love of photography.

Featured Artist - C4E Directory
Selected Artist - Sussex Contemporary 2022, Brighton
Selected Artist - Boomer Gallery, London
Exhibitor - Electro Studio/The Silverhill Press, St Leonards-on-Sea
Invited Artist
- The Bathing Hut Cafe, St Leonards-on-Sea
Hosted Artist - The Crown, Hastings
Selected Artist - Sussex Contemporary 2023, Brighton
Member - PhotoHastings

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